TESLA KARLÍN a.s. is a trading and manufacturing company with a long tradition in production of equipment and components for electrical engineering and electronics, stamped metal and plastic components, including surface treatment.

Within the scope of cooperation, we offer our partners and customers products from the above mentioned industries, including delivery of project, assembly operations, installation, training, and warranty and after warranty services. More than 60 years of our experience and tradition in electrical engineering production is presented in our activities. This experience is supported by successful implementation of the quality system pursuant to ISO 9001 standards throughout the entire production process.

We offer

Preparation of price quotationsProcessing and preparation of documentationCustoms serviceTransporting to destinationMaterial and component purchasing:
    From specified suppliers
    From our own proved supplies
    From subcontractors
Planning and logistics for manufacturing orders Sale as per contractual instructions
Cooperation in development, designing, and production of electronic components, assemblies, and products. The professional approach of our employees will enable your company to reduce production costs with ensuring top quality of work done.

We can compose your product or its parts according to your assignment and demands for final parameters and quality. TESLA KARLÍN a.s. may show off with satisfied customers coming from significant Czech and international firms. By using our services, you will disengage your business capacity for subsequent development.

Why just us?

We will help you with reducing your production costs. We will release you from problems with production of single components and you can focus on more efficient part of production.We will save you your spending on production of new components or your costs in less efficient low-volume production. All manufacturing operations you offered to you by us are carried out in compliance with ISO 9001 standards. The product, we will be delivering to you, will be tested according to your requirements. Certificates of examination are included in the deliveries We respond to your requirements with utmost flexibility.We will take over also your product development and design for our technologies according to your instructions required.

Our advantages

Locality in industrial part of Prague Air and motor-vehicle traffic in the place Our own production premises

Area and equipment of the production premises

Usable area 600 m2 with optional expansion up to 3000 m2Clear span of assembly spaces – production space up to 7 mFloor load bearing capacity – up to 2000 kg/m2Handling and storage areas 500 m2Compressed air Production and distribution DEMI H2O

The quality system

Since 1995, our company has begun building the quality system according to international standards for ISO 9001 series. Since 1997 we have been holders of the ISO 9001 certificate in the field:

Development, production, deliveries and servicing the equipment and components for electrical engineering and telecommunications, and for related job-order manufacture.

The certification audit was made and certificates were issued by BUREAU VERITAS.